March 8, 2018
  • Bella

Introducing our best farm vehicle: Snowman the horse


My trusty steed Snowman lived up to his name this month when we enjoyed some spectacular rides through the Bride Valley in the snow. He’s been with us now for 15 years and is still quite the best cross country transport we have. He’ll go anywhere, up hill and down, and will even jump the odd fence, which is more than your average 4 x 4 can do (although he’s not one for standing still, and is rather fussy about where he puts his feet, he won’t tread on a drain cover and is very suspicious of new road markings.)

He’s a Connemara from South West Ireland – a little large for his breed but with an exceptionally sweet nature. He’s a bit jumpy around llamas but is genuinely fond of pigs – perhaps the result of his boggy ancestry. He and his stablemate Drisco do everything together and if I take Snowman out alone, Drisco gets terribly sad.

During the cold winter months hay is the main dish on the menu for Snowman, and I resign myself to the fact that my pockets – and my boots –  will be full of the stuff until the Spring. Not that I mind a jot, we’ve had Snowman since he was three and he’ll stay for as long as he lives. We are very lucky to have found him, and even luckier to have such a beautiful place to ride.

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