February 9, 2018
  • Graham

Meet some of our most important team members: the sheep

Sheep mentality


Sheep are an important part of the team here at Bride Valley. Bella has a flock of around 70, who’ve been with us since the vines were planted. As well as looking pretty on the green hillsides, they provide an excellent natural pesticide, their perpetual chewing keeping the grass tight and the weeds in check. Every few weeks our shepherdess Pauline, moves ’her girls’ along to the next field.

With the sheep holding the fort in this quiet month, I attended the first WineGB viticultural working group. This fledgeling union brings together vineyard managers and viticultural consultants from around the south west and Wales. The aim is to share information and collaborate on many of the main issues facing the British vineyard industry, such as sustainability, new pruning techniques, advances in equipment and best practice. It’s a whole new world here in the UK so we are very much paving the way for the industry’s future. Watch this space for more news as the industry develops.

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