January 15, 2018
  • Graham

Windbreaks and spreadsheets

Making good on the vineyard and in the office


January is a good time to tend to some of the many maintenance jobs around the vineyard, in particular making sure our windbreaks are in good shape. We use a canopy of natural windbreaks (otherwise known as trees) to slow the wind down and take some of the chill factor away. This means a subtle thinning out of the lower canopy; we’re not aiming to stop the wind, just improve its circulation. In the growing season, wind is good – it keeps disease pressure down and humidity levels lower. Too much wind, however, can interfere with flowering and reduce temperatures.

I’ve also been tackling some of the less exciting but just as necessary paperwork. Each year we declare our yield with the Wine Standards Board. Registering yields helps everyone in the industry see how it’s evolving and flourishing. I confess I tear my hair out at spreadsheets but it’s worth doing and provides a welcome indoor pit-stop when the weather is too bad outside.

Posted by: Bride Valley