December 3, 2018
  • Bella

Bella’s Pinot Noir Jelly

Our pinot noir vines have been especially prolific this year and we have made the exciting decision to produce a still pinot noir wine to add to our existing portfolio. The juice is so delicious I couldn’t resist syphoning off a couple of jugs to turn into pinot noir jelly. If you don’t happen to have a ready supply of grape juice you can still make some lovely grape jelly using fresh grapes.


• 1kg red seeded grapes stripped from the stalks
• 400gms jam sugar with added pectin
• The juice of 1 lemon

  1. Pop the grapes into a large pan and heat slowly for five minutes until the juice starts to run. Then, with a fork, mash up the grapes and cook for a further ten minutes mashing intermittently until the grapes are completely fallen apart.
  2. Place a clean tea towel or muslin cloth in a sieve and set over a large bowl.  Pour the grapes into the centre and leave to drip for at least an hour (overnight is ideal).  
  3. Measure out your juice (you should have around 600ml) and pour into a pan along with the sugar and lemon juice.
  4. Set on a high heat and bring to the boil skimming away any surface scum as it bubbles. Keep heating the liquid until it reaches 105C… or if you don’t have a sugar thermometer, spoon a small drop of the liquid onto a very cold saucer (you can cool one in the freezer for five mins) and after a minute run your finger through. If it wrinkles slightly the jam should be ready.
  5. Pour the jam into a sterilised jar (I sterilise mine in the dishwasher on a very hot wash) and immediately screw the lid on tight. Once cooled it’s ready to enjoy, but should keep unopened for at least three months.
Posted by: Bride Valley