May 10, 2018
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7 Best: Dorset Produce for the Perfect Picnic

The warm weather brings promise of picnics at the beach or by the river. Whether you’re visiting west Dorset for the first time, or a seasoned local, you’ll find the region’s larder is jam-packed with goodies for your basket. Here’s our guide to some of the best local produce for a picnic – don’t forget a bottle of chilled Bride Valley.

1. Ford Farm Cheese
The award winning cheese-makers at Ford Farm are our neighbours here in the Bride Valley. We love their Coastal Cheddar.  It has a rich, rugged ‘crunch’ – the result of calcium crystals that form naturally in the cheddar as it matures.

2. Moore’s Biscuits:
Moore’s famous knob biscuits travel well and are good with butter and cheese. They do great gingernuts for afterwards with a cup of tea, too.

3. Leakers Bakery is an institution in our nearby town of Bridport. Try their date-filled Jurassic Foot loaf smothered in butter and jam, or their homemade sausage rolls or artisan pizzettas for simple, easy picnic fayre.

4. Baboo Gelato
Pack a tub of Baboo Gelato in your coolbox. Handmade in Bridport using local, organic milk, it knocks the socks off other ice-creams.

5. Palmers Ales
If you’re not drinking Bride Valley, a local ale from Palmer’s Brewery makes a good second choice. Dorset Gold is lightly hopped, zesty and thirst-quenching – the quintessential summer ale.

6. Baggett & Hayes
Baggett & Hayes’ mouthwatering cakes and pastries sell out fast in the farm shops so be sure to pick yours up first thing. Individual Victoria sponges and lemon cakes are perfect for an English country picnic. Available at Washingpool Farm.

7. Sally’s Fish Camp
Sally’s Fish Camp takes the hard work out of a picnic, bringing an elegant hamper of fresh seafood – from a pint of prawns to a lavish oyster bucket – to your chosen location.

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