February 9, 2018
  • Steven

Writing my memoirs and reflecting on a career in wine

My life in wine


I’ve been busy adding the finishing touches to my memoirs – Wine, a Way of Life – which will be published in May. I began to write them over Christmas 2016 and had finished the memoir part by Christmas 2017, and added some additional chapters at the start of this year. It begins with my birth in 1941 and ends in November 2016 after the relaunch of the Academie du Vin in Paris. It has been an enjoyable process, getting everything down on paper, and I hope it will be quite well received as a book. Here’s a small sample from the introduction:

“This is the story of Steven Spurrier’s life in wine, a life he was inspired to take up in 1954, after drinking a glass of Cockburn’s 1908 at his ancestral home, aged 13. He entered the wine trade ten years later and has lived through it, experiencing a rocky but fascinating ride for over 50 years, culminating in planting his own vineyard to make English sparkling wine; a risky step which led Baron Eric de Rothschild to say with sympathy ‘welcome to the club’.”

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