July 29, 2018
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Making hay while the sun shines

There has definitely been no lack of sunshine in the Bride Valley. So whereas in previous years we might have been rushing to get the hay in before the usual summer downpours, this year John Wallis, head of hay, has been merrily making it at his leisure!

We always try to be responsible growers, to look after the land we work, to ensure that as little as possible is wasted and to be as sustainable as possible. Our flock of sheep on the farm act as our unofficial lawnmowers, gardeners and fertilisers. But they do need a little extra nourishment during the colder months, so we always make sure a few fields are set aside for haymaking.  

The Bride Valley vineyard sits in a kind of natural amphitheatre with hills on all sides, there are some stretches of land that aren’t ideal for growing vines. Some parts aren’t even accessible by tractor because they are too steep or rocky. But there are parts of the estate where the tractor can go and this is where we make the hay.

As we post this blog, John is out cutting the long grass on the slopes. It will be baled up and stored in the barn all ready to feed the sheep in the winter. And so the virtuous circle continues.

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