May 10, 2018
  • Bella

The best way to eat spring leeks


The first leeks are up in the garden and so I get to make and serve one of my all-time favourites:leeks vinaigrette.

This recipe for this classic French starter is simplicity itself and makes the most of the small, tender leeks of early spring; a larger, more crunchy leek simply won’t do here.

Trim off the tough green ends and simmer them in water with a splash of milk (this stops them being fibrous) until tender enough to pierce with the point of a knife. Hard boil a couple of eggs at the same time. Make a good, mustardy vinaigrette. Drain the leeks carefully and arrange them on large plate. Chop the eggs and arrange however you please over the leeks, then drizzle everything with the vinaigrette.  If you have some and can be bothered, chopped parsley looks nice.

Posted by: Bride Valley