December 18, 2018
  • Steven

Incredible Cremant

Q&A with Steven

What makes a crémant different to other sparkling wines?  

It is one third less sparkling and while still being totally sparkling, it is less aggressively bubbly, so it sort of glides across the palate like a mousse, rather than bursting onto it.

This is the UK’s first cremant, why do you think no-one has done this before?

Perhaps until now no-one has considered the British drinker ‘ready’ for cremant but with English sparkling wine’s growing popularity we felt it was time! In order to classify Bride Valley Cremant as such, I was obliged to register its own PDO (protected designation of origin).

Which vintage is the Bride Valley Dorset Crémant?

It is a 50/50 blend of the lean 2015 and the riper 2016.

What is special or unique about Bride Valley Dorset Crémant?

Wine expert Hugh Johnson has described it as having an ‘elegantly lifted fruit’. Being made from the harvests of colder 2015 and 2016 when the vines were less prolific, the acidity of the grapes perfectly balances the creamy palate.

Which foods would you pair the Bride Valley Dorset Crémant with or is it best served on it’s own?

I like it best on its own, as an aperitif.

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