May 21, 2019
  • Steven

In the Know

By Steven Spurrier

Earlier this month myself and a number of friends and colleagues in the wine trade gathered at Vintner’s Hall in the City of London to launch Academie du Vin Library.

Good wine writing, like wine itself, is a product of talent, passion, extensive knowledge and instinctive good taste, but it is also about pleasure. Wine writing at its best must inform and educate, but equally it should elevate the senses and stir the spirit – inviting the reader to embark upon a journey that is both endless and endlessly fascinating.

In 1973, shortly after establishing myself as a wine merchant in Paris – the heart of a country that, at the time, reigned supreme in the wine world – I decided that it might be fun to offer lessons in wine appreciation for my fellow Parisians. I marshalled together a number of knowledgeable contacts and founded L’Academie du Vin; a series of informal courses that combined wonderful wines, expert tuition and an agreeable atmosphere.

I am happy to say that such is the interest and thirst for a greater appreciation of wine, that courses these days are a ubiquitous part of the wine landscape extending from small society gatherings to Internationally recognised diploma courses.

Now, being a little older and hopefully a good deal wiser, I have turned my attention back to the writing that inspired me to enter the wine trade in the first place. The Academie du Vin Library will offer the very best wine writing – new editions of classic works and new titles written by renowned experts in their fields – essential reading for students, professionals and wine lovers alike.

Celebrating with a glass of Bride Valley Crément at the launch at Vintners Hall
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