June 14, 2018
  • Rosé Bella

Deciding the dosage for our 2019 Rosé Bella

Steven and Ian, our winemaker at Furleigh Estate, have been busy deciding the dosage for our Rosé Bella 2015 (to be released January 2019.)

Dosage is a process specific to sparkling wine, which relates to the amount of sugar that gets added to the base wine in order to knock out the natural acidity. The technique was developed in the once-cool climate of Champagne, where grapes used to struggle to ripen, resulting in high acidity. Climate change has meant that Champagne struggles to have enough acidity in their grapes as it is much hotter than it was, and England now has the acidity that Champagne had in the 70s.

Steven said: “2015 was a very light vintage, a cold autumn and the grapes only just ripened in time. The colour of the 2015 rose is paler than the 2014, more salmon-like and the natural acidity is high, so we began with a test at 8 grams per litre of sugar, which was fine, then went to 7, which I preferred and then to 6 which did not cover the acidity enough. Ian and I agreed the 7 preserved the freshness and precision which is the hallmark of all Bride Valley wines.”

The dosage will now be added to 2000 bottles of Rosé Bella, corked and left to rest until January 2019.

Posted by: Bride Valley