December 18, 2018
  • Bella

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Children’s books at Christmas

I have been thinking of the Christmas books I read with the children when they were small.

Our son Christian loved Tintin and Asterix, I think he read every one of them. He more or less taught himself to read from them, and still has them so I can’t provide a photo!

Our daughter Kate’s favourite was Mog the cat, again there are many to choose from, all delightful. This one is Mog’s Christmas, a rather fraught affair with a happy ending.


For me as a child, it was the Bumble books, they were utterly enchanting.

Bumble is a honey coloured Pekingese who lives in a hollow tree (Windwhistle Manor) on Dartmoor. He shares his house with the Macmouses, a huge clan of Scottish mice, and some beetles.

Snow Bumble is about a snowstorm on the moor, in which Bumble and the mice rescue various small frozen animals, mostly by pouring Buttercup Brandy down them. This is not a modern child’s book!  There are three books, long out of print, but you can find them second hand. I have never met a child, or indeed an adult, who didn’t love Bumble.


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