August 30, 2018
  • Graham

Dragonflies v butterflies: battle for the skies

Over the summer months I’m out on the tractor a lot, doing all sorts of jobs, from spraying against mildews to vine trimming and leaf blowing.

I’m often accompanied by beautiful iridescent dragonflies, flying along in front of the tractor, taking advantage of the insects that get flushed out from the canopy along the way. Often a dragonfly will take off after a butterfly that’s innocently fluttering by. You’d think that the butterfly is an easy target, but at the very last moment they close their wings and drop down,  and the dragonfly misses. It’s like watching a dog fight between a Spitfire and a ME109 from an old world war two film! The butterflies don’t always get away, but more often than not they do.


Posted by: Bride Valley